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Tutor House

Tutor House is a private tutoring agency based in Fulham focusing primarily on one to one private tuition across all subjects and levels. Tutor House has a highly experienced team of tutors with a strong track record in raising the abilities of all students. From preparatory school to undergraduate studies, tuition is available at every stage. Furthermore, the company offer a number of additional services including Residential Placements, Common Entrance preparation, School and University advice and Specialist Educational support. The company is constantly innovating itself with new ideas and services meeting the needs and requirements for all their clients. The most recent initiative includes a joint venture with Revise & Ski on inclusive tutoring classes for students on Skiing holidays.

Holidays are a perfect way to spend some time studying. Many students find it easier to concentrate when they are relaxed and in a healthy environment with clean air and natural surroundings. During term time, students are faced with the mounting pressures of deadlines, exams and a rigid schedule which can be overwhelming even for the most able student. This can often result in students not performing to the best of their abilities, which is the reason why Tutor House deems it important for students to have a change of environment and routine. Tutor House has been running residential revision courses for years , however Tutor House has found that the location, in Val d’Isere, offered by Revise & Ski is by far the most conducive environment for learning.

Since inception, Tutor House has seen an exponential growth in the number of students achieving top marks in examinations and going on to achieve further whether it be higher education or embarking on professional careers. The company has grown organically with ‘word of mouth’ recommendations and new ideas and innovations to meet the requirements from all their clients. Tutor House has a number of new initiatives which will be presented in the coming year and hopes to continue being an agency helping students strive for academic brilliance.